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Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation, Anyway?

Digital Transformation entails letting go of antiquated manual processes and procedures that are slowing down your business's growth,  inhibiting collaboration with clients or between employees, in favor of modern software or artificial intelligence driven ones. Digital Transformation has become quite the buzz word in the last few years as a myriad of software companies tout their wares.  That has made it all the more difficult for small and medium sized businesses to navigate through their own transformations.  Engaging an expert "navigator" can mean the difference between success and failure.  Whether it is an EMR, ERP, CRM, project management software, collaboration software, or something else, Roc-IT's experts will help your business work through the process from start to finish as we have done for hundreds of others.

We will help you:

  • do a needs assessment

  • create a budget

  • send out RFPs

  • schedule demos

  • select the right vendor for you

  • implement the solution



We partner with Bautomate, because they are a leader in AI powered business automation solutions.  They have revolutionized the way businesses receive and ingest data from external documents and improve workflows for accounting, logistics, healthcare billing and many others.

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