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Why Choose Roc-IT?

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Co-Managed IT

On average, there are only 7 technicians for every 10 job postings.  Out-sourced and fractional services help bridge this gap. AND, by outsourcing some or all of the technical functions, companies are only paying for what they need. This can save 10-25%!


As an experienced Managed Services Provider, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure for businesses. We offer a full suite of services, including: fully managed or co-managed IT, cybersecurity, software consulting, and backup and disaster recovery to help organizations like yours reduce downtime, improve internal IT processes and drive growth.

More Than Just Managed IT Services

Sure, plenty of firms can keep your network up and running and help employees stay working. But how many are also experts on Cybersecurity and Identity access management and regulatory compliance? We are!

Cyber-Security Protection

With attacks on the rise, companies need expert advice to stay ahead of the emerging threats. Without continuous monitoring, your business can be left vulnerable and at risk. We provide ongoing protection, minimize downtime, and allow your organization time to thrive.


A strong security system needs more than just muscle. Much like a bodyguard protects you, we protect your business from cybercriminals. An MSSP’s expertise, controls and processes mean your business is never left unprotected.

Digital Transformation

 With so much new technology becoming available, companies need help understanding which to adopt. We will perform a thorough analysis of your business results, KPIs, competition and processes and give you actionable insights and a roadmap for success. We will transform your business with a customized suite of software hand-picked to make your business as efficient and automated as it can be. 

Regulatory Compliance

Given the increasingly stringent data protection and privacy regulations like HIPAA, PCI, SOC2 and GDPR,  being enforced globally, your business can no longer allow compliance to take a backseat. Achieving compliance requires both fulfilling all your obligations under applicable regulatory standards and being able to provide documented proof in order to pass any regulatory audits.


You need a comprehensive solution that automates and helps streamline the necessary compliance processes, making it easier for you to adhere to extensive regulatory requirements.

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