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Top Technologies Driving Digital Transformation

Creating a budget for your business is absolutely no fun.  It can be frustrating to see the bottom line shrink with every additional expense.  So, it might be tempting to apply an “if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it” mentality to some expenditures, particularly investments in new technology.  Your manual processes are working fine for now, right?  Wrong! 


Technology should be considered an investment that can drive your organization toward new heights in productivity, growth, and profitability. When done with care and thought, investments in the right technologies will transform the way you operate, delight your customers and crush your competition. If fact, they often aren’t a net cost at all because they save money elsewhere in the budget.


In this blog, we’ll explore how strategic technology spending, coupled with the right choices, can drive digital transformation for your business. Let’s dive in.


Digital Transformation has become a catch-all phrase used by every software company in their ads.  It can be very over-whelming to one who is just beginning the process.  We recommend a phased approach that begins with assessing the business’ most urgent needs.  Ask yourself which processes are the most time consuming and resource draining.  Of those, which would save the most money if they could be automated? Would any actually make money?  Once you find the worst offenders, continue to review all manual processes through this lens and rank them.  Now you’re ready to start planning!

Areas most often in need of digital transformation

Cloud computing and hosting

Even before the COVID pandemic, more and more companies were adopting hybrid and remote working policies to attract top talent.  The pandemic also triggered significant increases in the cost of purchasing and maintaining on-premise servers and other network infrastructure. Cloud computing and hosting solves both of these challenges by making business data and applications accessible from anywhere. By eliminating the need for physical servers, costs can be reduced significantly and moved from being capital purchases to the more budget friendly and predictable operational expenses.


Transformation involves migrating the existing infrastructure to a trusted cloud provider and ensuring robust data security measures are in place.


Big data

Storing data securely, while still being able to easily access it when needed, is a real challenge in today’s data driven business world.  Big data can be a treasure trove that provides valuable insights, if you can access if from across multiple applications and storage locations and whittle it down to answer the question you asked. On the other hand, if managed improperly, it can be a swamp.  And a costly one at that.


Transformation includes using AI driven data analytics tools help to ingest and extract actionable insights from this vast information pool to effectively harnessing big data. In addition, secure storage and backup solutions ensure it is available when needed and secure from ransomware attack. 


Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI, and Generative AI have become catch-all phrases too.  But they are so much more than just a buzz.  Adding the right AI tools can be a game changer for businesses large and small.  AI will streamline operations and enhance intelligent decision-making.


Initiating this transformation involves identifying repetitive tasks suitable for automation, such as customer support, accounting and bookkeeping tasks, invoicing and patient billing, to name a few. We help our clients to invest only in the AI solutions aligned with their most critical business goals to start. Our partner, Bautomate Business Intelligence Automation, finds that 70% of the time spent on admin tasks can be automated.  Imagine what your business could do with all of that time back! Download their whitepaper to learn how one hospital did just that.


Next-gen cybersecurity solutions

Malware and ransomware attacks are increasing every year and are striking businesses of every size. It is important to continually up your game in order to secure your digital assets. Next-gen cybersecurity solutions go beyond traditional methods and are designed to identify and address emerging threats. They should include:

·        Anti-malware tools that are constantly updated as new threats appear

·        Constant monitoring of all systems

·        Identity and access management

·        Backup and disaster recovery tools

·        Threat awareness training

·        Cyber-security auditing and Cyber insurance


Implementing all of these, should not be attempted by the inexperienced.  You need an expert.


Customer relationship management (CRM)

Ditch the spreadsheets already!  A good CRM system pays dividends for years to come. As a centralized repository for customer data, it allows for a much-improved customer experience, better sales forecasting, and the expansion of marketing and communications campaigns that will increase sales and revenue.


CRM implementation involves customizations tailored to your specific needs, smooth data migration and thorough team training. Many CRMs are inexpensive or even free, so there’s no reason to wait.

Collaborative path to success


As you prepare to embark on your digital transformation journey, don’t go it alone. Why start from scratch to figure all of it out on your own, when an IT consulting firm, like Roc-IT, has already helped so many businesses succeed?  


Our experience and expertise in digital transformation makes us as the ideal companion on your journey. We understand the intricate nuances of each technology and have successfully navigated businesses through these transformative waters.


To get started, download our comprehensive checklist that gives you a roadmap for your digital transformation journey.


Reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation and let’s unlock the full potential of your business in this exciting digital era.

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